Can you really leave Google?

Not really… Can you really leave Google? This is a debate, question, a lot of people are having. You can get rid of their products Gmail, Photos, Hangouts, Drive. I got rid of these simple products. But you can’t really get rid of the Google. As a data collection company, they have their ties into many parts of your daily life. They can track you via websites, apps, who knows what else…

First Project! Goodbye Gmail

Goodbye Google This project will be an on going project. It will be how to get rid of most of Google and Facebook from my life. I've started and already feel better about it. Goodbye Gmail The first step in this process is to get rid of Gmail. There are several free solutions, but as i've found out nothing is really free. Why get rid of Gmail?

Welcome to my New Home!

Welcome to a place for projects I want to do or i’m going to do… Get rid of Google Gmail - ProtonMail Google Drive - NextCloud Google Photos - NextCloud Google Chrome - Firefox Google Search - DuckDuckGo Get rid of Facebook New Social Getting federated This space Secure my connections.. everywhere - ProtonVPN Replacing Apple Notes - Joplin RaspberryPI & NOAA Sat