Firefox instead of Chrome

Getting rid of Google in my life has lead me back to Firefox. I started on the web with Netscape Navigator. I used this for years refusing to use Microsoft Explorer (Edge) on anything. That was till I was hit by the Google love bug. I bacame a fan boy of anything they put out, I was in the beta for Chrome, Google+, Hangouts etc. After all, Don’t be evil! I began to run Chrome on everything. It was a good piece of software, never mind the tracking!

Now that my eyes are open, I’ve been removing Google and its claws from my life. Remember Chrome is just another way for them to track you, to collect more data about you. This is what they sale, this is their cash cow, its you! You are their cow.

Back to Firefox

I have removed Chrome and in place have installed the latest firefox. I run DucDuckGo Privacy Essentials as my default search engine.

  • In Privacy & Security I have strict blocking enabled.
  • Always send “Do Not Track” is turned on.
  • Delete Cookies and site data when firefox is closed.
  • In Permissions I have location, camera, and microphone disabled.
  • For firefox data collection and Use, I have it all disabled.
  • In security I have Deceptive content block all selected. This is Dangerous and deceptive content, dangerous downloads, and unwanted and uncommon software.

I run the following plugins with firefox

- Anti-Paywall
- Bitwarden - Free Password Manager
- Cookie AutoDelete
- DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
- Facebook Container
- HTTPS everywhere
- Joplin Web Clipper
- Keybase
- NoScript
- Privacy Badger
- uBlock Origin
- View Image
- YouTube Classic


Yes I know there are alternatives. Tor Browser and Brave for instance. These are good browsers, I just have a history with firefox. Is this the best setup, it is for me for now. Again make privacy what you want, share what you think is ok. Don’t be their cash cow, unless.. thats what you want.

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Jason L. Esman
An experienced senior managed service engineer with 20+ years of knowledge in operations and technology management. I am passionate about working to create efficient, scalable, and repeatable technology and support delivery models. I’ve been heavily involved in ITSM/ITIL providing leadership for the development and implementation of Change Management, Problem Management, and Incident Management.
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