First Project! Goodbye Gmail

Goodbye Google

This project will be an on going project. It will be how to get rid of most of Google and Facebook from my life. I've started and already feel better about it.

Goodbye Gmail

The first step in this process is to get rid of Gmail. There are several free solutions, but as i've found out nothing is really free.

Why get rid of Gmail? Why am I getting rid of Google? Have you ever searched for something, bought something not from Google, and next thing you see, the add in Gmail?

Gmail isn't free, the datacenters to run Google are NOT free. In 2018 Google announced revenues of $31.84 billion. They are making money, and it is from your data.

Login to your account on a browser. Go to "Web & App Activity" and "History" and view the history. It shows data from items on Google Maps from my iphone, searches i've done in Gmail and articles i've read on Google news. It doesn't stop there. Till recently even when you "Delete" this data it was still being stored.

Google is mining your gmail data for shopping habbits. Want to see how much they know about your habbits

I wanted something I felt secure with, I wanted it to be my email. My choice for this was Protonmail I give it to the Swiss they got one thing right and that is privacy. I started with a free account to give it a try and have since upgraded.

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