Pi Madness!

Completed a couple of Pi Projects today. First was a Pi Musicbox player using some Bose speakers I picked up. The second was setting up PiHole and configuring it to use DOH (DNS over HTTPS) for my local lan. I really need to get rid of my ATT Uverse Gateway and get a good router/firewall in front of it. PiHole The PiHole is an addblocker, but it does more. If you setup DOH (Dns over HTTPS) it secures your DNS from your local internet service tracking you.

Firefox instead of Chrome

Getting rid of Google in my life has lead me back to Firefox. I started on the web with Netscape Navigator. I used this for years refusing to use Microsoft Explorer (Edge) on anything. That was till I was hit by the Google love bug. I bacame a fan boy of anything they put out, I was in the beta for Chrome, Google+, Hangouts etc. After all, Don’t be evil!

NextCloud on Centos 7 in a VPS

NextCloud will replace both Google Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It will sync your devices and it will backup your photos. I have a lot of documents I need to move, i want to get them from all my devices, this makes it super easy. Yes Nextcloud offers a lot more but this is what i'm going to use it for. It is secure when you follow their best practices.

Can you really leave Google?

Not really… Can you really leave Google? This is a debate, question, a lot of people are having. You can get rid of their products Gmail, Photos, Hangouts, Drive. I got rid of these simple products. But you can’t really get rid of the Google. As a data collection company, they have their ties into many parts of your daily life. They can track you via websites, apps, who knows what else…

Current Workout as of 6/18/2019

My current daily workout, on top of the weights, I do cardio before/after or just during the day. I was getting up at 5:30am and doing cardio then doing weights in the evening after work. I am now doing all of my cardio and weights at 4:30 am before work. I also go for walks during lunch, usually 2 to 3 miles. Monday Chest and Triceps Exercise Sets Reps

Backing up NextCloud data with Rclone and Backblaze B2

I’m only backing this up to backblaze b2 right now, I also have a weekly snapshot of my vm. To make our backup i’m using rclone. I have backblaze set to keep a week of changes. The cost is very small, it is costing me about $0.40 a month right now. We are not going to backup all the server, just the data. I also include a week of database dumps.

First Project! Goodbye Gmail

Goodbye Google This project will be an on going project. It will be how to get rid of most of Google and Facebook from my life. I've started and already feel better about it. Goodbye Gmail The first step in this process is to get rid of Gmail. There are several free solutions, but as i've found out nothing is really free. Why get rid of Gmail?

Welcome to my New Home!

Welcome to a place for projects I want to do or i’m going to do… Get rid of Google Gmail - ProtonMail Google Drive - NextCloud Google Photos - NextCloud Google Chrome - Firefox Google Search - DuckDuckGo Get rid of Facebook New Social Fosstodon.org Getting federated This space Secure my connections.. everywhere - ProtonVPN Replacing Apple Notes - Joplin RaspberryPI & NOAA Sat